I'm glad that you stopped by….

Here at Heart Flowers my focus is to bring more health, peace, balance and joy into your lives. These things are hard to find in this day and age. And even when we find them, they are hard to hold on to and keep. We live in a fast-paced society. We are pushed and pulled daily from all sides. Is it any wonder that we cannot quiet our minds, our bodies or our spirits or feel peace? My purpose is to help you clear your mind, heal your body and comfort your spirit.

My belief is that health is very dynamic. It moves and changes every moment. It is not merely the absence of disease; it is expressing a richness and fullness and electric energy in every fiber of our being. It encompasses all levels of consciousness in each and every one of us.

Health is a path - a way of life. It is not some goal that we can reach if we do certain things. It moves and changes moment to moment. Health is like a flower opening in each of us and we all blossom in our own unique way. This center's purpose is to help each and every flower to open as fully and as vibrantly as she or he is able, allowing each person’s unique and wonderful potential to shine into the world fully....

My goal and life mission is to assist whoever finds my doorway to be all that they can be. I want to help you restore and refresh yourselves so that you can step out into the world better in some way. I want to offer you a safe harbor on the sea of your life. I want to help you in finding the peace inside of yourselves and the balance that is yours alone.