In Aromatherapy, each essential oil has its own action on the body. When they are combined together in recipes, they possess an infinite number of healing capabilities. Beyond simply smelling sweetly to our noses, which is one way that they enter our blood stream, their qualities range from toning the skin and muscles to far deeper help for digestion or depression problems. They are one of nature's physicians.

Aromatherapy is an ancient and extremely popular and effective means of treatment. The Ancient Egyptians, Assyro-Babylonians, Greeks and Romans all used aromatic oils. It was during the First World War that the system known as Aromatherapy was developed. A French chemist, Professor Rene Gattefosse became convinced of the healing ability of essential oils when he accidentally burned himself and plunged his hand into some lavender oil. The pain subsided and the burn healed swiftly. In more recent times Dr. Jean Valnet and Mme. Marguerite Maury raised the practice to that of an Art.

Aromatherapy oils are expensive to produce, often being made by distillation. Aromatherapists often use very small doses. Aromatherapy remedies seem to work on the subtle healing ability of the individual.

Research is proving that essential oils have profound effects on the major functions of the physiological, endocrinal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and other systems in our bodies. Most of the oils, especially garlic, geranium, hyssop and sage, have cytophylatic properties (the ability to stimulate regeneration of cells) and also aid in eliminating toxins from our bodies as well as toning our organs.

Aromatherapy's aim is to restore and maintain harmony of body and mind by contributing to the creation of an atmosphere of basic sanity. It acts holistically as a natural, non-traumatic medicine and strengthens health and well-being. Aromatherapy is a perfect preventive medicine when used in association with good nutrition and a healthy way of life.

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