Esoteric Healing

Humanity, Health and Disease
The human being a 'Divine Being' with not simply a physical body but also mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and an etheric 'double' of the physical manifestation. These all interpenetrate and surround the physical form.

Humanity's search is for balance and harmony between these higher and lower aspects of him/herself, making them an unimpeded channel for the inflow of Divine energy and purpose. When this balance and harmony is achieved, true health or wholeness is present with a healthy body, peace of mind and freedom from desires. Each person is then ready to serve the whole of humanity and the planet with goodwill and love.

Dis-ease is caused by blockages and imbalances in the flow of Divine energy through a person's soul to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Physical disease is therefore only an effect. Healing is finding the causal imbalance or blockage at what ever level it occurs and restoring flow and balance to the system.

There are many methods of healing. Some alleviate the symptoms while others treat the imbalance at different levels. Yet others try to reach the root cause. They all have a rightful place in a larger scheme of healing and should complement each other. No one method has a monopoly of truth, and ideally, doctors, practitioners, therapists and other healers work together for the benefit of the one seeking help.

The Soul - True Healer of the Form
Sometimes it is the soul's wish to present problems for learning purposes and it is not right to remove them until the lessons have been learned. Esoteric Healing can help a patient to understand this and therefore remove the negative aspects of suffering.

Esoteric Healing regards all disease as purificatory, for it can in itself raise the consciousness to incorporate a wider perspective of life making it deeper and more vital.

At some time it will be the soul's wish to withdraw. Healing then enables the patient to achieve (with joy and facility) liberation from the body.

Esoteric Healing in Practice
The Esoteric Healers in the International Network of Esoteric Healing may work alone or in groups, but even when alone they link subjectively to the group of healers.

In a treatment, usually the patient sits, comfortably and relaxed. Using his/her higher consciousness, the healer attunes to the Source of Healing Power and forms a link between the Source, his/her soul and that of the patient. After the attunement, the healer senses energy imbalances reflected within the etheric energy fields of the patient. Then, according to the will and plan of the patient's soul, these may be released and the energy centers balanced using the law that energy follows thought. The specific lines of energy connection and the unique requirements of the individual patient are learned scientifically by the Esoteric Healer and related to the charkas in the etheric body of the patient.

No physical contact is required, but sometimes the patient is aware of some corresponding changes in the physical, emotional or mental body as the substanding energy field is altered. It can, however, take up to a few days or more, for the transition to take place. Nearly always there is an awareness of higher energies being present, manifesting as light or peace, and there may be a feeling of release of tensions.

Often, blockages can be cleared before they reach manifestation in the physical body and, ideally, Esoteric Healing is used as preventive medicine. Clearing and balancing may involve many treatments or can take just one.

Esoteric Healing in a Wider Context
Esoteric Healing involves the whole person including his/her intricate life of relationships with people and the environment both past and present. The etheric energy field in which the healing work takes place is like a fine network which not only vitalizes and re-charges the whole physical body but also links it with the whole of humanity, the world of nature and the planet and the solar system.

Esoteric Healing directs itself towards creating a harmonious alignment with the patient and between the patient and the outer world of contacts and experiences.

We cannot tell in which area or in what way healing may manifest. No pre-conditions may be set, for GOD is the sole source of life, love and power. Patient and healer can only be channels for that power and may not impose their wills upon it.

Esoteric Healing should therefore, ideally be practiced by those trained in this science who dedicate themselves to the working out of God's plan on earth and who practice daily meditation, study and service.

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