Himalayan Salt Detoxer

The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is unlike any detoxification product on the market. Unlike other well-known detoxification processes that rely on colored charts to assure the consumer of their effectiveness, the Salt Detoxer is based on firm scientific information about known detoxification processes and how to maintain optimum health through natural cleansing. After using the Himalayan Salt Detoxer, you have personal evidence of the effect on your body by how you feel.

The work of the Detoxer is based on the concept of Reflexology, a natural healing art based on the principle that zones on the feet correspond to every tissue, gland and organ of your body. Some users of the Detoxer report actually tasting salt in their mouth; this shows that the cleansing process has moved through the body’s tissues from the feet upward.

Himalayan salt works in a number of ways:

  • When the Detoxer is warmed, the salt helps release negative ions, which are anti-microbial, air purifying, skin purifying and which promote a sense of well-being. Purifying the air by binding positive ions helps dust and allergens to settle.
  • The warmth of the stone causes the feet to sweat, allowing the salt to purify and cleanse. Toxins are pulled out and minerals are pulled in, thus decreasing unhealthy acidity. This also helps ease tiredness, aching, and symptoms of stress caused by over-exertion.
  • The Detoxer softens and gently exfoliates the skin as it binds with the salt through the moisture on the hands and feet.
  • It is the source of many vital nutrients. Himalayan salt may contain as many as 84 natural minerals vital to health that can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Like gem-quality stones, the powerful crystalline structure works by opening up energy pathways, dispelling negative energy, improving both concentration and circulation, harmonizing thought patterns while the amplifying life force helps to maintain health and well being.
  • The Detoxer helps to re-attune your body to the heart beat of Mother Earth or Schumann resonance which helps ease nervousness, insomnia, and lack of concentration while helping to clear cancer causing free radicals from the body.
  • It is a source of natural color therapy. The orange tones calm and help you feel more secure, the yellow brighten your mind, the reds strengthen, the pink inspires loving feelings, the white cleanses and the brown tones balance and ground.

Himalayan Pink Salt is considered to be one of the finest natural salts because of its unsurpassed purity, dynamic crystal structure and mineral content. Ancient Ayurveda seers, Shushrut and Charak called it “the King of Salts”. Formed 250 million years age, it is still mined in the pristine, high Himalayan ranges. Incredibly powerful geological forces compressed it as these mighty mountains were formed. Over time, this pressure turned the salt into crystals; much in the same way diamonds are made. Himalayan Pink Salt Contains minerals, which are in balance and are precious to the health and healing of the human body and mind. It has been used as a detoxifier since the time of Cleopatra.

It is found at the base of the Himalayan Mountains, in the valley between the Indus and Jhelum rivers in northern Pakistan, in one of the cradles of Ayurvedic medicine. The salt beds are 1600 feet deep and 186 miles long.