Integrative Massage

What is Integrative Massage?

No two individuals are exactly alike. Each person who comes to a massage treatment table presents their own uniqueness and individual requirements for healing.  The healing relationship that is established and nurtured with each client is based upon this understanding. Thus, the treatment approach is more effective if it is tailored specifically to address each client's therapeutic goal.

The practice of Integrative Massage is based on this premise and is moving to the forefront of the massage profession.

Integrative Massage selects appropriate therapeutic techniques from various modalities and combines every move with a specific intention to create an individualized healing session for each person. Proper technique integrated with focused intention give the therapist a clear understanding of the purpose of the technique as well as an understanding of its therapeutic value. Together, technique and intention create the potential for healing, but the healing process commences when the intent and presence of the therapist unites with the presence of the receiver.

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