Polarity Therapy

Each of us has healing power. We can heal ourselves, our relationships and our environment. The key lies in understanding the very nature of life itself - ENERGY.

Polarity Therapy is the science of stimulating and balancing the body's life energy. When we are in a state of dis-ease or are out of balance, the flow of life energy becomes obstructed. Polarity Therapy releases blocked energy through polarity energy balancing, nutrition, polarity yoga and developing positive thoughts and attitudes.

Polarity Therapy is based on the theory that there is a pattern of energy in the human body which forms a matrix or blueprint that the body uses when healing itself. In the East this energy is variously called Prana, Ki or Chi but it is basically the essence of life. It is the first thing to be given and the last thing to be taken away. It is life energy. Apart from forming a pattern, this life energy vitalizes all the various physiological functions within the body. It is a moving pattern or flow of energy which gives both structure and function. The pattern of energy is prior to the physical structure, that is, the structure always reflects the energy. Should the structure become distorted through injury or disease then the energy pattern also becomes distorted. If a physical correction of some kind is then made without re-balancing the energy pattern, the energetic imbalance will continue to distort the structure, the correction will not hold and complete healing will not take place. In the normal course of events, should the flow of life energy become distorted or blocked it is repaired by the master matrix which is contained deep within the unconscious mind; healing will then occur. If, for any reason, the unconscious mind cannot repair the damage, perhaps because the disruption is too great or the mental attitude has been seriously affected, then chronic health problems will arise. In Polarity Therapy we work to release these energy blocks and balance the flow so that natural healing can take place. It is because this life energy forms a link or interface between the mind and body that it is as easy to resolve emotional disturbances as it is physical imbalances by the use of Polarity techniques.

Polarity Therapy is a complete and natural system. The completeness of the system may be more easily recognized if we view a human being as comprising a physical body, energy, mind and spirit. In Polarity Therapy nutrition and exercise act on the physical body, energy is balanced, and positive thoughts and attitudes to influence the mind are developed. The combination of balancing these three aspects in turn affects the spirit. It therefore works on the whole being.

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