Office Policies

On this page you will find helpful information about Heart Flower's general office policies. If you need more information, please use the contact page on this site.

Home Visits:

I only make home visits to clients who are in trouble and can not get to my office.

Contraindications (where treatments are not indicated):

Certain conditions will prohibit me from working with you. When you fill out your information form we will discuss your condition and if my work is indicated. We can also talk these issues over on the telephone when you call to schedule or get information.

Insurance Coverage:

At this time, in Pennsylvania, insurance companies usually do not cover my services. In certain situations you will be able to get reimbursement however. In those cases you will need a prescription from your doctor. I will give you a statement with all appropriate codes, services and fees listed. I will not carry any balances.


To avoid paying the normal hourly fee for a missed appointment, you must give me 24-hour advanced notice except in the case of an emergency.

Returned Check Fee:

There is a service charge of $40.00 for any returned checks.

My Privacy Statement:

This is my privacy policy. I am well aware of all of my client's beliefs and confidence in their relationships with me. I will never upset my vow of confidentiality when dealing with each and every one of you. Please understand that any fears that you have of your personal information being given out are unfounded. Only if you have requested to have your personal information given out, will I do that. And you must have given me your OK in writing. So, rest assured.

Using This Web Site:

This site is here for your entertainment and educational purposes only. You should not perform any type of holistic healing techniques found on this site unless you are under the watchful eye and instruction of a certified professional. Heart Flowers does not take any responsibility or assume any liability caused by injury or death as a result of imitating or practicing therapies and / or applying methodologies found on this site.

This web site and all of it's contents are protected under copyright laws. Therefore no part of this web site may be distributed or reproduced without the written consent. If you wish to use content from this site you may contact Linda Lemire or call 215-230-7166 for further assistance.

Linking To This Web site:

Anyone has the permission to link to this site providing you accept and meet the following conditions:

  • The Heart Flowers Healing Center page you are linking to may not be displayed in a frame set, layer or iframe.
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Heart Flowers Healing Center reserves the right to deny a web site from linking to us if any or all of these conditions are not met.