Sacred Lomi

Honoring the body as a temple of the soul, Sacred Lomi frees the body of long held stress patterns, using deep, gentle rhythmic strokes of the facilitator's forearms. The flowing movements, at various depths, stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems as well as every cell, molecule and atom in your body. Muscle tension eases and loosens. Physical and energetic blocks relax and release. A wonderful cleansing and aligning of the physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies occurs.

Lomi Lomi means to weave or massage. Sacred Lomi is a specific adaptation of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. Sacred Lomi incorporates the ancient tradition with our modern challenges, needs and intentions. The depth of the meaning of Lomi on many levels is incorporated in each session. All of the movements of this work are based on circles and figure eights which create a beautiful, weaving pattern all over the body. This movement confuses the thinking mind and allows for a deep letting go on many profound levels. Sacred Lomi's intention is to weave love, light and spirit into the body; help unweave unhealthy patterns and unravel wounds and old belief systems; weave the unconscious with the conscious mind and weave the waking world with the dream world. The work provides a sacred space of unconditional love and acceptance for the initiate to let go and surrender to the guidance of their own spirit.

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