Client Testimonials

Welcome to the most important page to me in this web site. On this page you will find a list of paragraphs that many of my dear clients have written about their experiences with me and my work. I am honored and blessed to have such amazing stories compiled for me. I have found this process awesome and I have felt as though I was getting little love notes everyday as these testimonials came in. And everyone was so ready to do this for me. I thank you all for being a part of this venture from the bottom of my heart. Linda

Client Testimonials

  • I still remember my first massage by Linda. It felt so wonderful, my face and body were incredibly relaxed and I remember imagining I could almost float through the air! I couldn't wait for the next one. More than seven years later I still am eager to receive her massages. Her work has had a huge positive impact on the health of my body. She keeps my neck from being permanently rubber band tight. There have been times when I did too much tree pruning or gardening and Linda's massage work on my arms, shoulders and back saved me from severe, unrelenting pain. I love it that I am not filling my body with prescription medications but instead have her naturally healing my aches and pains. Linda seems to intuitively know what to do to make my pain go away. She is gentle but thorough. Sometimes I actually fall asleep by the end of a massage. If I could I would visit her every week! It is definitely the best spent money in my budget.

    - Angela D., Hellertown, PA
  • I have been a client of Linda Lemire since 1989. From the beginning I recognized her innate talent and sensitivity. Over the years she has grown tremendously. Her practice of therapeutic touch verges on genius. She is deeply aware of the client and uses every gesture in a way that is powerful and deeply effective. The artistry of her technique, combined with a profound spirituality, has made her truly worthy of the title, healer.

    - Lisa B., Wrightstown, PA
  • Heart Flowers Healing Center IS Linda Lemire. I have been seeing Linda on a regular basis for nine years. She "puts me back together with her magic hands". After going through a very traumatic life experience, Linda has been doing CranioSacral Therapy on me and it is doing wonders for my emotional well-being. Muscle Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy are just two techniques that Linda is qualified to perform. My family and I turn to Linda when "something hurts". Thank you Linda for being such a warm and caring person. You have been my life saver so many times.

    - Carol S., Ottsville, PA
  • Is a massage a luxury or a necessity? As a less-than-fit, middle aged woman who has personally experienced the benefits of therapeutic massage, I can truthfully answer...necessity. As with many people my age I am faced with several health challenges. There is no doubt in my mind that receiving massages on a regular basis since 1993 has not only controlled, but improved my conditions. Frozen shoulders meant a limited and painful range of motion which has been almost fully restored; the paralyzing pain of sciatica is kept at bay with my bi-monthly appointments; sore and pulled muscles from a car accident were treated exclusively by massage...not one muscle relaxer or pain pill needed. But beware! Not all massages are equal. Linda gives a true, deep massage incorporating Reiki, reflexology and other techniques to actually give you health benefits, not just a feel-good salon "rub" with no lasting effects. It's a rare event that causes me to cancel an appointment. My massages have top priority. It's a process...and one you will be forever glad you tried!

    - Joyce S., Dublin PA
  • I never realized the difference between the titles Massage Therapist and Muscle Therapist until I started coming to Linda four years ago. Linda is a Muscle Therapist. She has the ability to find those spots that hurt (and sometimes spots that I didn't know hurt) without being told, and apply whatever technique is needed to "fix" them. I always feel sooo much better after one of her sessions. She has "hands". She has become a true friend.

    - Wendy M., Doylestown, PA
  • When I was younger, I was in a fairly severe automobile accident where my head hit the windshield. For several years, I experienced headaches that could only be attributable to the accident. Linda, utilizing CranioSacral techniques, has been able to help me eliminate the occurrences of the headaches. Linda has also been performing Deep Tissue massage on me for more than a decade. The combination of these two techniques has helped me live a healthier, headache-free life. I thank her for that.

    - Courtney W., Rosemont, NJ
  • Working as a professional in New York City makes stress not only impossible to avoid but an everyday experience. Linda helps to relieve the tension that builds up in my shoulders, neck and upper back with traditional massage techniques. She has also introduced me to ideas on how to prevent future stress build-up through stretching exercises and simple meditation that can be done throughout the work day. Without her, my body would not feel as healthy and I would not be as productive at work. I thank her for introducing me to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle; even in New York City.

    - Jamie W., Rosemont, NJ
  • I found my way to Linda about ten years ago, when traditional medicine and chiropractic didn't seem to soothe my aching back. Since then, my journey has been inspired by her warm, caring concern and genuine need to help me deal with the varied stresses of my daily life - as mother, wife, worker, student and gardener. Linda's work has affected me immensely, both physically and spiritually. Her cozy office is my getaway - inviting and soothing, calm and comfortable. Her touch is amazingly intuitive, her intent - always healing. Over the years Linda has become much more than my massage therapist, she is my heartfelt friend.

    - Mary B.-H., Horsham, PA
  • I have been a client of Linda's for some time. When I first went to Linda I would just get a relatively deep upper body massage after which I always felt great (sometimes so relaxed all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap!) As I have gotten older and my body has come along for the ride, I have developed some minor aches and pains in joints and muscles. While Linda usually asks me a few questions about what "ails" me, what I find remarkable is her ability to discover the real source of any particular problem (which is usually not the area of actual discomfort) and then proceed to treat it with a combination of non-invasive acupuncture and massage therapy. She frequently discovers areas that require treatment of which I was not even aware. I don't know how she does it, but her ability to get right to the source of a problem and apply proper treatment is incredible. Linda refers to Heart Flowers as a "healing center" which it truly is. I have given Linda's name and number to numerous people including my physician because of her amazing abilities and I am pleased to say that I recommend her services to anyone who has some aches and pains. My life is far better and more comfortable as a result of Linda's treatment and I guarantee yours will be as well.

    - Guy W., Solebury, PA
  • I have been coming to Linda for over 10 years. She has helped me tremendously through massage therapy and other body work. There were "critical" times that I have gone through in my personal life which took its toll on my body - and at times I was in great pain. Her work enabled me to pull through much quicker than if I had chosen another course of treatment. I have great appreciation and respect for Linda's work.

    - Sally G., Doylestown, PA
  • Linda has been my massage therapist for the past fifteen years and I can't imagine not having her looking after my back. When my daughters make plans for their family visits the first thing they ask me to do is make an appointment to see Linda. She is simply the best!!!

    -Donna S., Furlong, PA
  • During about ten years of massage therapy with Linda, she has helped repair my body after accidents, eased emotional stress, eased the pain of Lyme's disease and worked out the kinks from many heavy days of gardening and home repair. She adjusts every massage to address the problem that needs the most work that day so that I get the most benefit. I always feel much better after the massage and have learned to take better care of myself as a result of Linda's work with me. This is the best thing I do for myself every other week!

    - Betty S., Furlong, PA